Can customers find your business?

Yes, you may have wondered this out loud…’why DO you need a website’ for your business??

Because a Website Brings You More Customers.

If you don’t  have  a website you are virtually invisible to local online customers who want to GIVE. YOU. MONEY. for your product or service!

AND…even if you DO have a website…

No matter how pretty your website is, if it is not set up correctly and a responsive website, i.e. easy to see and use on all devices, a mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer, you may as well not bother because customers searching on the internet are unlikely to find or use it.

But…but…you have a Facebook page??

Great, but a Facebook page, whilst useful as part of your overall strategy,  won’t do it either. You can’t search Facebook the same way you can search Google.

Ask yourself – where do YOU go to search for a specific product?

That’s right –

And that is where new customers go when they are ready to buy your product or service.

Ahaha!!! But what about Google Ads??

Sure, you can spend money on Google ads, but if they lead customers to a bad website that doesn’t give them the information and experience they want,  they won’t stay there, much less buy anything from you.


What Should I DO?

Well call us of course! We can help you get started on creating a new website, or we can revamp your old, out of date website. To be honest, in many cases that amounts to pretty much the same thing as many old sites just aren’t fixable.

You have a site already but you’re not sure it is working? 

Then please contact us for a full WEBSITE AUDIT REPORT.

This is a FREE service and this report will show you what is currently working on your site and what is not.

Just click the button below and request your report, giving us your website address and contact details.

No Website yet?

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