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Does your website look good on all devices? 


This means that you need a responsive website.

Websites were initially designed to operate on a desktop computer ; mobiles and smartphones or tablets had not yet been invented. However things have changed, and it is hard to find anyone who is not using a smaller device.

So what IS a responsive website? 

A Responsive Website or Responsive Design means that the website pages you are looking at ‘responds’ or adjusts to the size of the screen you are viewing it on so that it displays properly.

Whether you are on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, iPad or a mobile phone, a responsive website will look great and be easy to use. Furthermore….

Google favours responsive or mobile friendly websites

It is true. with so many people using their phone for browsing, Google has decided that it will give preference to responsive websites when displaying search results.  So if you are not up to speed you will miss out on traffic! 

People favour them too, so don’t waste your advertising dollars.

A non-responsive website is an instant sales killer as your website visitors are likely to get frustrated and  leave quickly if your site is not simple to read and use. All your efforts and advertising budget spent on driving traffic to your website will have been wasted.

How do you know whether your site is responsive or ‘mobile friendly” ??

That’s easy. there are a number of free sites you can check your url on.  Why not go to Google’s own Mobile Friendly Test page at https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly  Just plug in your domain and check your site . 

You’re NOT mobile friendly??? 

What should you do? 

Well one way or another, you will need to update the website if you want to stay relevant. We are happy help you get your site up to speed quickly so your site doesn’t sink into Google oblivion. We do makeovers and new websites depending on your needs so Get in touch if you like and we can talk it over.

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